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Visit us at international events and get to know our products. 2017 we are to meet at the following events:

|13. – 14. June| VDI Leichtbaukongress in Leipzig| Stand-Nr. 3 >more

|12. – 14. September| CAMX 2017 in Orlando | Stand-Nr. D74 >more

|19. – 21. September| Composites Europe in Stuttgart | Halle 6 Stand-Nr. E12 >more

|01. – 02. November| Advanced Engineering in Birmingham | Halle 3A Stand-Nr. J92 >more

All news about our events and trade fair participations:

|06.04.2017| JEC World 2017: ThermHex polypropylen honeycomb cores popular as never before

ThermHex GmbH successfully presented itself last week at the world’s largest exhibition for composite materials, the JEC World in Paris. The honeycomb core specialist showed new product variations and informed about the unique continuous production process. ThermHex CEO Jochen Pflug draws a positive balance of the fair.

JEC World was crowded: Almost 40,000 people took the opportunity to visit the three-day fair. Many of them used their visit for a conversation at the ThermHex booth and to get in touch with the advantages of the honeycomb cores by means of models. Not only the innovative products but also the unique continuous manufacturing process of the ThermHex honeycomb cores were in demand.

CEO Jochen Pflug draws a positive balance: “We are very pleased with the number of guests who visited our booth. Our new product variations have been very well received and will enable our customers to achieve further cost savings.” At JEC World, ThermHex presented its PP honeycomb cores with a thickness of 10 to 12.7 mm and a newly developed cell diameter of 5 mm for the first time. The smaller cell diameter enables a perfect surface quality and allows new application possibilities for the honeycomb cores. For example, the new product variations can be used as an alternative to foam cores or resin-impregnated nonwoven core mats.

|17.03.2017| Congress “Plastics in Automotive Engineering

On March 14 and 15, automotive experts from all over the world came together at the Mannheim Congress Center. At the world’s largest congress for plastics in automotive engineering, manufacturers and suppliers discussed the latest applications in the areas of interior, exterior, engine, materials and technologies. The congress with over 100 exhibitors of the entire value chain provided the ideal setting for networking with specialists. In the exhibition of the congress ThermHex honeycomb cores could be seen on some stands – including polyamide-glass fiber composite tops at the DuPont booth. In addition, experts from the Fraunhofer institute IMWS and Audi presented the ThermHex production process and the innovation project “organosandwich”.

“Thanks to the innovative in-line production process and the associated cost savings, our honeycomb cores fit perfectly into the requirements of the automotive industry,” says ThermHex-CEO Jochen Pflug.

|09.02.2017| ThermHex shows honeycomb cores with a new 5 mm cell width at the JEC World 2017

ThermHex presents itself at the world ‘s largest trade fair for composite materials, the JEC World in Paris, from 14 to 16 March in Hall 5A at booth P22. The specialist for polypropylene (PP) honeycomb cores presents new product variants with a cell width of 5 mm and, together with EconCore, informs about the unique continuous manufacturing process.

At the JEC World 2017, ThermHex presents its PP honeycomb cores of the thickness 10 to 12.7 mm for the first time with a newly developed cell width of 5 mm. The smaller cell width allows a perfect surface quality. This results in new application possibilities for the honeycomb cores. For example, they can be used as an alternative to foam cores or resin-impregnated non-woven mat mats.

For the honeycomb cores with the thicknesses of 12 mm and 12.7 mm (1/2 inch), the new cell width also results in an optimized manufacturing process. With a newly developed vacuum mold roll, ThermHex increases resource and cost efficiency and achieves higher production capacity for the two product variants .

ThermHex is currently working on the development of further PP honeycomb cores with smaller cell sizes. “Even in the thickness range from 5 mm to 6 mm, we can already offer our honeycombs with 4 mm cell width,” says Thermhex CEO Jochen Pflug. “With conventional production processes, honeycomb cores with such small cell sizes are only available for aerospace applications.”

|13.12.2016| ThermHex is the sponsor of this year’s Composites in Architecture 2016

On 13 and 14 December the Composites in Architecture / Fiber Composites in Architecture will be held in the Handel House and the Plastics Center (SKZ) in Halle (Saale) in 2016. ThermHex Waben GmbH is the sponsor of this year’s two-day conference in December. The aim is to further expand the fascination of the fiber composites and at the same time provide help with the practical handling of these materials.

Under direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Elke Genzel the private research group BAKU – Building with Plastics in Leipzig and the University of Applied Sciences and Technology Berlin, the conference is devoted entirely to the topic of sandwich constructions this year. In exciting lectures, experts from the architecture and construction industry answer questions about the connection of elements, the life span and the rehabilitation of sandwiches. Because of its expertise and many years of experience, ThermHex Waben GmbH is part of the expert group. ThermHex Waben GmbH, a producer of PP honeycomb cores for the manufacture of light-weight sandwich elements, is also a pioneer of the industry in organizing the evening event of the first day.

“We are looking forward to exciting new impulses from the industry and the lively exchange during and after the lectures at the Composites in Architecture,” says Jochen Pflug.

You can find the complete program of Composites in Architecture here.

|06.12.2016| Composites Europe a complete success

From 29 November to 1 December, ThermHex Waben GmbH was already successfully exhibiting at Composites Europe for the sixth time. Once again, it became clear that lightweight construction is on a growth path. At the 11th Trade Fair for Composite Materials more than 350 exhibitors showed more than 10,000 visitors their product novelties.

Managing Director Jochen Pflug is pleased with the overall positive response and draws a positive balance: “After the first exhibition day, which was rarely visited, the second day showed an enormous interest in our products.” were. Luckily, ThermHex provided extra bodily comfort and distributed sandwiches in specially made ThermHex aprons.

Especially the newly developed versions of the ThermHex polypropylene honeycomb cores in 5 mm and 6 mm thickness, which were only available since mid-November, were in demand. The continuous production process, which is characterized by uniqueness in the industry as well as special cost-efficiency, also convinced us. “After Composites Europe, we are very positive. We managed to make many interesting contacts and to offer new business. We are also looking forward to joining Composites Europe in 2017, “says Jochen Pflug.

At the Composites Europe 2016, 27 nations presented themselves in the exhibition area, on numerous event areas, lectures, topics and workshops.

|11.03.2016| ThermHex in March 2016 in Paris

Also this year Thermhex Waben GmbH was represented together with the Econcore at the JEC World in Paris. Great curiosity awakened our 60mm honeycomb core. A new tool allows us to produce such a core.

But also our thinnest honeycomb of 3.5mm and all other honeycomb cores from our product range were considered. It was also time to talk about details, applications and features with prospective customers as well as with our regular customers about new possibilities.

We would like to thank everyone who visited our stand in Hall 5a, Stand K13 at the JEC in Paris. The next opportunity to get in touch with us is the Composite Europe in Düsseldorf Nov / 2016.

|29.02.2016| ThermHex honeycomb core in 60mm thickness at the JEC World 2016

ThermHex Waben GmbH is expanding its product portfolio. So far, we have produced core thicknesses from 3mm to 30mm. Thanks to a new tool we are able to offer honeycomb cores in polypropylene in 60mm. The new honeycombs are to be seen for the first time at the JEC World in Paris in March.

At Thermhex Waben GmbH, we produce a unique way of producing thermoplastic honeycomb cores for lightweight construction elements and light-weight components in a continuous production process. The ThermHex PP honeycomb production process combines maximum weight and cost savings with resource efficiency and low raw material consumption.

|27.01.2016| ThermHex in February 2016 in Bad Salzuflen

Visit the ThermHex Waben GmbH booths hall 22, igeL 4 at the ZOW in Bad Salzuflen.

|02.03.2015| ThermHex in March 2015 in Paris and Florida

Visit ThermHex Waben GmbH Stand A53 in Hall 7.3 at the JEC 2015 in Paris or at the EconCore stand S20166 at the NPE 2015 in Florida.

|06.02.2015| ThermHex honeycomb core in 45kg / m³ at the JEC World 2015

The latest development of ThermHex Waben GmbH is the honeycomb core with a density of 45 kg / m³. This super-light and particularly cost-effective variant of the ThermHex honeycomb core is available for all core thicknesses from 12mm and is particularly suitable for non-load-bearing lightweight parts. Furthermore, our cores are now also available in all core sizes at a density of 120 kg / m³. These particularly strong honeycomb cores with a high compressive strength are particularly suitable for applications with high demands on stiffness and strength. Our latest innovations can be seen at the JEC World 2015.

|17.10.2014| ThermHex Waben presents Porsche 550 Spyder components with ThermHex PP honeycomb core

Within two weeks ThermHex Waben GmbH and EconCore were successfully exhibiting at two trade fairs on two continents – the Composites Europe in Germany and the CAMX in the USA. The high degree of organization and the quality of visitors at these trade fairs exceeded the expectations of exhibitors. The interest of the visitors of the Composites Europe and CAMX in our light construction products, our technology and the various fields of application was great.

Visitors of the Composites Europe were particularly attracted by the Porsche 550 Spyder Replica at our booth. The body panels made of ThermHex honeycomb panels showed the weight reduction that is possible through the use of our products. By using our 3.5mm honeycomb the weight of the car can be reduced to under 550kg.

Thanks to the Composites Europe and the CAMX, ThermHex Honeycombs and EconCore remain at the heart of the exciting and innovative composite component industry. We are looking forward to seeing you next year at these leading trade fairs – then in Stuttgart and Dallas.

|11.04.2013] ThermHex Waben and EconCore look back on 3 successful measuring days at JEC Europe 2013

As in previous years, ThermHex and EconCore, the parent company, were again represented at JEC Europe in Paris, which took place in March.

This time, too, we were able to make personal talks with our partners and customers and were able to present our innovative products and technologies to potential partners in new markets and regions. All this in the beautiful surroundings of our new stand, made from our own material, gave the finishing touches to the success of our trade fair appearance. The stand specially designed for us is made of translucent ThermHex panels. The result is impressive. Look for yourself!

|15-10-2012| Three successful days at Composites Europe 2012 in Düsseldorf

ThermHex Honeycombs and EconCore look back on three successful exhibition days at the Composites Europe in Düsseldorf.

Composites Europe is one of the most innovative trade fairs in the area of ​​composites and an important meeting place and information source for all users of composite materials. Decision-makers, buyers, developers and designers of the most important industries will find the latest innovations in materials and technology. This year’s fair included no less than 11,000 visitors and 445 exhibitors.

The Composites Europe gave us this year again an opportunity to intensive discussions with our customers. We were able to present our innovative products and technologies to potential partners in new markets and regions.

This year’s attraction on the stand was the winner of the design prize of the Shell Eco-Marathon “TILT”, designed by students of the Kunsthochschule Burg Giebichenstein Halle. ThermHex Lignin honeycomb panels were used for the outer shell and driver’s seat of the car.

After this year’s success, we have already confirmed the participation in Composites Europe 2013 – ThermHex Waben and EconCore. We are looking forward to welcoming you from September 17 to 19, 2013 at our stand at the Stuttgart trade fair.

|19.03.2012| ThermHex Waben GmbH at the JEC 2012

As every year, the JEC 2012 in Paris will also be the place where the world of composites meets. ThermHex Waben GmbH and your products are also represented by our partner companies and our customers. For example, our products are exhibited at various booths of the JEC, including Renolit GOR (E24), P-D Fiberglass (P19), SoloPlast Vosschemie (M44), K.U. Leuven (J1) and Amorim Cork Composites (X72).

We would be delighted to meet you in the course of the exhibition.

Would you like to arrange an appointment with JEC 2012? Please do not hesitate to contact us by calling + 49-345-131 62 70 (also during the trade fair) to arrange the time and place of the meeting.

|31.03.2011| Successful exhibition at JEC Paris

ThermHex Waben is looking back at 3 successful days at the JEC Show in Paris. The JEC Show is one of the world’s leading trade shows for the composites industry with approximately 1000 exhibitors and for this year a record attendance of 29.500 visitors. The use of composite materials is increasing by new environmental and energy requirements and the continuous search for ever lighter and stronger materials.

The JEC was an excellent platform to meet with existing and potential business partners and promote our innovative products and technologies in the composite market. Customers from the automotive, packaging, furniture and other industries have taken the opportunity to see and evaluate our samples in a variety of thicknesses and cell sizes.

ThermHex Waben GmbH was co-exhibiting at the EconCore NV stand. ThermHex Waben is focusing on the production of PP honeycomb cores whereas EconCore continues to offer R&D services and technologies for automated continuous production of honeycomb cores and sandwich panels.

|10.01.2011| JEC Composites Show, Paris (29 – 31 April 2011, Stand P20)

ThermHex Waben and EconCore will present their technologies and products at the JEC Show in Paris.The JEC Show is the biggest composites exhibition in Europe and attended by more than 25.000 visitors. For more information on the exhibition, please click on www.jeccomposites.com