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New Products

All news about our new products and certifications:

|01.11.2017| ThermHex PP honeycomb cores now also available with 5 mm cell size and 12 mm thickness

ThermHex produces its PP honeycomb cores with a new vacuum forming roll, which allows the production of cell sizes of 5 mm and thicknesses from 11 mm to 12.7 mm. With this product innovation, the honeycomb core specialist increases resource and cost efficiency and achieves a higher production capacity. In addition, the material properties open up new applications for ThermHex PP honeycomb cores. ThermHex will be presenting the current product range of innovative polypropylene honeycomb cores at the Advanced Engineering trade fair in Birmingham from November 1 to 2 in hall 3A at stand J92. Visitors can convince themselves of the high quality honeycomb panels and their versatile application possibilities.

“With the conventional production processes, PP honeycomb cores with such a small cell size are currently only available for aerospace applications”, says ThermHex-CEO Jochen Pflug. “These procedures are more expensive than our production process. Therefore, we see a great potential for the new product variations and are pleased to be able to present them to the expert audience at the Advanced Engineering trade fair.” The smaller cell size means that there is room for optimization and further product options to choose for customers. For example, the new PP honeycomb cores can be used as an alternative to foam cores or resin-impregnated fleece core mats. The new geometry of the vacuum forming roll also creates an improved surface structure. Cost savings are made possible by a reduction in material costs and a faster production process.

“We rely on research and development in order to offer our customers new applications for PP honeycomb cores. The new product variations are on great demand and enable further cost-savings”, says Jochen Pflug.

The Advanced Engineering trade fair takes place at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. It is the largest annual conference of advanced engineering professionals in the UK, bringing together the entire supply chain of British industry with research and development, design, testing, production and sourcing of OEMs as well as leading industrial companies. At stand J92, ThermHex informs interested trade fair visitors about the unique, worldwide-patented and continuous production process as well as about existing and future product variations. The particularly resource- and cost-saving production of ThermHex honeycomb cores allows an extremely economical production of sandwich components for rigid truck boxes, ship interiors, modern swimming pools and much more.

“The Advanced Engineering is an important exhibition for us. Here we have the opportunity to establish international contacts and open up new business opportunities in the British market”, says ThermHex Operations Manager Jana Heinrich. She is looking forward to the discussions with the expert audience. By participating in the British trade fair ThermHex is promoting its worldwide distribution.

|09.02.2017| ThermHex shows honeycomb cores with a new 5 mm cell width at the JEC World 2017

At the JEC World 2017, ThermHex presents its PP honeycomb cores of the thickness 10 to 12.7 mm for the first time with a newly developed cell width of 5 mm. The smaller cell width allows a perfect surface quality. This results in new application possibilities for the honeycomb cores. For example, they can be used as an alternative to foam cores or resin-impregnated non-woven mat mats.

For the honeycomb cores with the thicknesses of 12 mm and 12.7 mm (1/2 inch), the new cell width also results in an optimized manufacturing process. With a newly developed vacuum mold roll, ThermHex increases resource and cost efficiency and achieves higher production capacity for the two product variants .

ThermHex is currently working on the development of further PP honeycomb cores with smaller cell sizes. “Even in the thickness range from 5 mm to 6 mm, we can offer our honeycomb core with 4 mm cell width,” says Thermhex CEO Jochen Pflug. “With conventional production processes, honeycomb cores with such small cell sizes are only available for aerospace applications.”

|24.01.2017| Joint research project of ThermHex and the Fraunhofer Institute

ThermHex and the Fraunhofer Institute for Microstructure of Materials and Systems (IMWS) Work together on a research project. The focus is on developing suitable for series production and processing methods for organic sheet sandwich semifinished products. It is supported by the EU within the framework of the EFRE-Program. With this project, ThermHex once again emphasizes its innovative role among manufacturers of lightweight sandwich elements and can make a valuable contribution to research with its expertise.

Unlike conventional processes for the production of honeycomb cores, the patented ThermHex process is more cost-efficient and significantly more cost-effective. At ThermHex, all production steps are carried out within one production line. The individual honeycomb layers no longer have to be cut from the block and subsequently laminated. Only the continuous ThermHex process of honeycomb production in a production line enables the production of cost-efficient planar organosandwich semifinished products in a continuous production without a separate lamination process.

“The laminating of organo-sheet cover layers to thermoplastic honeycomb cores creates a new semifinished product – lightweight, resilient, cost-effective,” says Dr. Matthias Zscheyge, group leader of high-performance thermoplastics, the successful collaboration between ThermHex and the Fraunhofer Institute.

Jochen Pflug, Managing Director of ThermHex, also emphasized the practical relevance of the project: “Many customers from a very wide range of industries are looking for an optimal combination of cost and weight savings. Our procedure makes this possible “.

Find out more about the project here.

|15.11.2016| ThermHex expands product portfolio

Since the middle of November, ThermHex has been offering its customers not only the well-known strengths of 3.5 mm and 8 – 28 mm but also Prolypropylen honeycomb cores in 5 mm and 6 mm thickness. This provides the user with further selection options and optimization potentials.

Only the continuous production process enables the Innovator from Saxony-Anhalt to achieve efficient production even at lower thicknesses. Unlike traditional manufacturers of thermoplastic honeycomb cores in discontinuous production processes, ThermHex can significantly reduce waste and labor.

The new strengths are, for example, an alternative to resin-impregnated nonwoven core mats.

|18.04.2016| EU supports project “Organosandwich”

With the help of financial support from the European Union, ThermHex Waben GmbH, in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Materials Mechanics (IWM), develops the technology for the production of complex, thermoplastic, fiber-reinforced components with integrated honeycomb cores within the framework of the research project “Organosandwich”.

Background information: Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites, cross-plys of 2 UD glass fiber/PP tapes in 0/90 or fabric can be laminated inline on our polypropylene honeycomb cores. This creates a new type of semi-finished product: the organosandwich. By integrating the laminating process of organosheet on the honeycomb core within the production line, it is possible to produce organosandwich semi-finished products in a very cost-effective manner.

The processing of organosandwich semi-finished products is comparable to the processing of organosheets. However, a local ribbing of the component to increase the bending stiffness is not necessary. The stabilization is provided by the honeycomb structure. During the forming of organosandwich semi-finished products to components, small cycle times are possible due to the lower heat capacity. In complex shaped component regions the honeycomb core is molten down to a thin polypropylene layer, whereas the honeycomb core thickness, and thus the large moment of inertia is maintained in the slightly curved main part of the sandwich component. As a result a very high stiffness is achieved with thin organic sheet skins and thus with lower component weight and reduced costs.

|29.02.2016| ThermHex honeycomb core in 60mm thickness at the JEC World 2016

ThermHex Waben GmbH is expanding its product portfolio. So far, we have produced core thicknesses from 3mm to 30mm. Thanks to a new tool we are able to offer honeycomb cores in polypropylene in 60mm. The new honeycombs are to be seen for the first time at the JEC World in Paris in March.

At Thermhex Waben GmbH, we produce a unique way of producing thermoplastic honeycomb cores for lightweight construction elements and light-weight components in a continuous production process. The ThermHex PP honeycomb production process combines maximum weight and cost savings with resource efficiency and low raw material consumption.

|06.02.2015| ThermHex honeycomb core in 45kg / m³

The latest development of ThermHex Waben GmbH is the honeycomb core with a density of 45 kg / m³. This super-light and particularly cost-effective variant of the ThermHex honeycomb core is available for all core thicknesses from 12mm and is particularly suitable for non-load-bearing lightweight parts. Furthermore, our cores are now also available in all core sizes at a density of 120 kg / m³. These particularly strong honeycomb cores with a high compressive strength are particularly suitable for applications with high demands on stiffness and strength. Our latest innovations can be seen at the JEC World 2015.

|20.06.2013| German Lloyd certification for ThermHex honeycomb cores

The polypropylene honeycomb cores manufactured by ThermHex Waben GmbH received their certification according to the guidelines of the Germanisch Lloyd. ThermHex honeycomb cores are used in boat construction in a variety of applications, such as flooring, wall cladding, furniture construction for kitchen worktops, bathroom installations and many more.

The ship classification of Germanische Lloyd (GL) is one of the five most respected certification companies. GL has committed itself to safeguarding human life and goods at sea as well as protecting the oceans from pollution. As an independent service provider and neutral expert, GL offers reedors, shipyards and supplier companies well-founded solutions even in times of economic challenges and strict regulations.

“We at ThermHex Waben GmbH are very pleased and convinced that this certification strengthens the confidence in our product as well as in the sandwich panels and components of our customers,” says Sebastian Rahl, sales manager of ThermHex Waben GmbH.