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|19.04.2017| Innovatio in Textiles (Online)

ThermHex reports record sales in eight years >more

|19.04.2017| Inside Composites (Online)

ThermHex reports record sales in eight years >more

|18.04.2017| NetComposites (Online)

ThermHex Success Continues with Sales Record >more

|01.04.2017| Industrial Process News (Print, Online)

Unique and worldwiede patented: A new production process for PP honeycomb cores >more

|01.03.2017| JEC Innovation Report (Online)

ThermHex shows new product variations at JEC World >more

|15.02.2017| Composites World (Online)

Wabash National is expanding with ThermHex as a partner >more

|02.01.2017| PECM Magazine (Print)

Unique and globally patented: the production process of ThermHex

|07.12.2016| Composites in Manufacturing (Online)

ThermHex shows new product variants on the Composites Europe >more

|27.04.2016| Plast Europe (Online)

Velox distributing ThermHex Waben’s PP honeycomb cores in Europe >more

|17.11.2014| Omnexus (Online)

ThermHex’s PP Honeycomb-based Porsche Spyder Parts at Composites Shows >more

|31.01.2013| Composites Today (Online)

Panel Systems selected as UK ThermHex distributor >more