Thermoplastic polypropylene honeycomb cores for lightweight sandwich panels and composites.

ThermHex Waben produces thermoplastic honeycomb cores as core material for lightweight sandwich panels and components.

We offer our customers high quality honeycomb cores which help to produce better and more economic lightweight sandwich panels and parts for different applications.

We support our customers to ever better meet requirements of weight reduction and a more efficient usage of natural resources. Thru weight reduction in structural parts of many products we can help to reduce our environmental impact and contribute to sustainability.

Thanks to the patented and highly efficient ThermHex process for the continuous production of honeycomb cores, sandwich elements for lightweight products can be produced particularly economically. It enables the use of honeycomb cores even in areas where they have not yet been used, mostly for cost reasons.

Honeycomb cores are used wherever high-quality products with an optimum strength to weight ratio are required. Whether for the production of panels for truck boxes, for ship interior, prefabricated bathrooms or for modern swimming pools, our honeycomb cores are versatile and available in different cell diameters, strengths and densities.

ThermHex Waben GmbH was founded in 2009 and is a licensee of EconCore NV (Belgium), the technology leader for cost-efficient sandwich material production technologies.