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Product properties & Nomenclature

The physical properties of ThermHex are mainly defined by the following characteristics:

– Basic raw material properties (Polypropylene)
– Cell size and thickness of the cell wall
– Core thickness
– Facings applied to the core

  • “F” indicates the use of a PP closure Film, which prevents resin take up during the lamination process at our customers.
  • “N” indicates the use of a PET Non-woven, which provides a bonding layer in the lamination process at our customers.
  • “S” indicate the sheets are S litted in a 50 x 50 mm pattern, which allows the PP core to follow curved shapes while being processed at our customers.

Our ThermHex nomenclature is very easy to comprehend. The product name delivers basic information easy and at a glance.


Long: ± 3.0 mm (± 0.12″)
Width: ± 3.0 mm (± 0.12″)
Thickness: ± 0.3 mm (± 0.012″)
Weight: ± 10%

ThermHex honeycomb core should be stored flat and horizontal in a dry and covered area. Please protect material from UV sunlight and extreme temperatures. If surface moisture is present please, dry prior to use.