Tesla Battery Day – Shareholder Meeting

3 important points from Tesla’s battery day:

  • if one want to grow fast you need to get your customer payment terms plus production and delivery within your supplier payable time line. (0:32)

=> Get yourself a fast production and good purchasing terms

  • any efficient assembly/production is continuous in motion at high speed, no start-stop: We want the highway! …one factory with twice the speed is equivalent to two factories with only one time overhead.(1:23 – 1:25)

=> This is the strong point of our continuous honeycomb and sandwich panel technology

  • a structural battery with shear loaded cells is …just like if you have a formula one craft or a racing boot and you have carbon fiber face sheets and aluminium honeycomb between them, this gives you incredible stiffness and it’s really the way that any super-fast thing works, you create basically a honeycomb sandwich with two face sheets. (1:49)

=> We could not say this any better. Thanks Elon.