From 13 to 15 November, experts gathered in Halle/Saale for the Fraunhofer Lightweight Construction Conference 2017 to discuss lightweight applications in the automotive industry. The focus was on the question of how materials, applications and production processes can be optimized in order to produce lightweight materials in large volumes for the automotive industry. The importance of lightweight material is steadily increasing: Most experts see lightweight materials as an important requirement for competitive E-mobility.

Jochen Pflug, managing director of ThermHex Waben GmbH, was also present as a participant and took part in the discussions. In addition, Thomas Gläßer from the Fraunhofer Institute IMWS presented the Organosandwich material and its processing, which is currently being developed together with ThermHex. The semifinished Organosandwich material, which is processed into functionally integrated complex sandwich components with injection moulding equipment, is particularly suitable for the automotive industry due to the enormous bending stiffness and the fast production process. Another advantage of the Organosandwich material is the significant weight reduction in combination with cost reduction.

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