New PP honeycomb in 5 and 6mm thickness
ThermHex Waben’s newly developed versions of the ThermHex polypropylene honeycomb cores in 5mm and 6mm
thickness with 4mm cell size have been available since mid-November 2016. Other thicknesses with small cell sizes
will be ready right after the JEC World 2017 exhibition.
Different than the traditional manufacturing of thermoplastic honeycomb cores in discontinuous production processes,
the continuous ThermHex production process allows for a considerable reduction of production costs and
material and energy consumption. Thanks to this, ThermHex Waben’s customers benefit from a distinct price advantage.
Sandwich constructions with honeycomb cores and the consequently reduced weight have proven to have a positive
effect on energy consumption and environmental balance to many applications. The cost reduction in honeycomb core
production now makes it possible to combine these advantages with a price advantage and thus use honeycomb sandwich
constructions also in cost-sensitive applications.
The small cell size of 3-4mm leads to a very smooth surface without any visible indentations on the final part. Therefore,
ThermHex Waben GmbH will add other thicknesses with such a small cell size to their portfolio.