ThermHex and the Fraunhofer Institute for Microstructure of Materials and Systems (IMWS) Work together on a research project. The focus is on developing suitable for series production and processing methods for organic sheet sandwich semifinished products. It is supported by the EU within the framework of the EFRE-Program. With this project, ThermHex once again emphasizes its innovative role among manufacturers of lightweight sandwich elements and can make a valuable contribution to research with its expertise.

Unlike conventional processes for the production of honeycomb cores, the patented ThermHex process is more cost-efficient and significantly more cost-effective. At ThermHex, all production steps are carried out within one production line. The individual honeycomb layers no longer have to be cut from the block and subsequently laminated. Only the continuous ThermHex process of honeycomb production in a production line enables the production of cost-efficient planar organosandwich semifinished products in a continuous production without a separate lamination process.

“The laminating of organo-sheet cover layers to thermoplastic honeycomb cores creates a new semifinished product – lightweight, resilient, cost-effective,” says Dr. Matthias Zscheyge, group leader of high-performance thermoplastics, the successful collaboration between ThermHex and the Fraunhofer Institute.

Jochen Pflug, Managing Director of ThermHex, also emphasized the practical relevance of the project: “Many customers from a very wide range of industries are looking for an optimal combination of cost and weight savings. Our procedure makes this possible “.

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