In the past 2017/18 fiscal year, ThermHex Waben GmbH achieved the highest sales of its polypropylene honeycomb cores in the company’s almost ten-year history. The volume increased by about 18 percent. This results in a growth in sales of more than 20 percent compared to the previous fiscal year. The reason for the high growth is the increased demand from existing customers as well as new customer business.

A part of the profit has already been invested in a new vacuum forming roll. This enables a more efficient production of a new polypropylene honeycomb core with a thickness of 15 mm and a cell width of 5 mm, resulting in a better surface structure. “The steady growth shows that we are on the way to become market leader for polypropylene honeycomb cores. Through our investments in research and development projects we also generate new potential with innovative products”, explains ThermHex CEO Jochen Pflug and thanks customers and business partners for the excellent cooperation. ThermHex honeycomb cores are particularly in demand for ship interiors, rigid truck boxes, modern swimming pools and more and more in the automotive industry.