For the second time in a row ThermHex Waben GmbH was nominated for the award “Großer Preis des Mittelstandes” and again reached the jury level. Last year, the honeycomb producer was already in for a big surprise, as the company was awarded a prize as a finalist despite being nominated for the first time.

As the only business award in Germany, this award considers the company as a whole, more precisely in the competition categories: Overall development, creation/securing of jobs and training places, modernisation and innovation, commitment in the region, service and customer proximity and marketing. It is regarded as “Germany’s most important business award” (isw Halle). This year’s motto is “Sustainable management”; and therefore fits like a glove to the ThermHex. Every day the “ThermHexians” live this motto: The patented continuous production process for the production of thermoplastic honeycomb cores could not be more sustainable.

Until 15 April the 5,399 companies nominated throughout Germany had time to submit the necessary documents. Approximately 100 independent jurors then decide on the basis of the jury documents who will be placed one step further and thus on the jury list. 758 companies, 37 of them from Saxony-Anhalt, reached this milestone. ThermHex was nominated as one of three Halle-based companies for the jury stage because of its outstanding performance in terms of all criteria to be evaluated. In the next step, the jury members of the 12 competition regions (max. two federal states) usually select three prizewinners and five finalists. For Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Berlin/Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the finalists and winners will be announced at a grand gala in Dresden on 31. 08. 2019. Whether ThermHex is among the prize winners will not be revealed beforehand.

The fact that ThermHex is successful with its corporate strategy and that the sustainable honeycomb cores are convincing more and more customers is proven not only by the nomination for the Grand Prix of Medium-sized Enterprises, but also by the financial year concluded in March. Once again, the company has generated sales growth. The last quarter was the best in the company’s history. Speaking of history. Next year ThermHex celebrates its 10th anniversary. If you would like to participate in the company’s success, you are welcome to apply. The company is currently looking for a production employee and a development engineer.

About the Grand Prix of Medium-Sized Businesses:
No prize is awarded twice to the same company. The Oskar Patzelt Foundation has been awarding the Grand Prize for Medium-Sized Businesses for 25 years. One of the aims is to promote a culture of self-employment with the motto “Healthy SMEs – Strong economy – More jobs”. Further information on the Grand Prix for Medium-sized Enterprises can be found at: www.