ThermHex Waben GmbH has been certified for its quality and environmental management system. The ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications are considered the most significant national and international standards for management systems.

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In the combined audit, the awareness of environmental relevance and the advantages of the company’s own products over monolithic materials were particularly emphasized.
In addition to evaluating various environmental aspects, the environmental management system also includes monitoring of environmental targets and compliance with environmentally relevant safety standards. Here, it was particularly emphasized that ThermHex makes an additional contribution to CO2 reduction by using green electricity for the already very resource-efficient production of its honeycomb cores. In general, all self-imposed quality and environmental targets were exceeded in the past fiscal year.

With the certificates for quality and environmental management systems, ThermHex underlines its own demands on product and service quality and environmental protection. As a management tool, the certification processes are additionally intended to ensure continued steady improvement in environmental performance and quality, and thus overall company development.
Jochen Pflug, Managing Director of ThermHex, emphasizes that despite various bottlenecks and the effects of the Corona pandemic, thanks to the employees both standards were nevertheless successfully met and the new business year has also started very successfully.

ThermHex produces thermoplastic honeycomb cores made of polypropylene (PP) for manufacturers of lightweight sandwich elements. ThermHex honeycomb cores are produced in a globally patented automated process and enable significant weight and material cost savings as well as maximum conservation of resources due to the minimal use of materials. With the production process, honeycomb cores can be manufactured continuously as an industrial mass product for the first time and at minimal production costs. Honeycomb cores are used, among other things, in truck walls, boot floors, parcel shelves, door panels, pool construction and furniture. ThermHex Waben started production in Halle (Saale, Germany) in 2010 and is a licensee of EconCore NV from Leuven (Belgium).