Once again ThermHex Waben GmbH has taken a big step for the environment. Since July this year Germany’s most successful honeycomb core producer has been using green power for the production of its honeycomb cores.The company from Halle thus once again underlines its pioneering role in environmental protection and sustainability. The production is based on electricity from renewable sources.

The processing and monitoring of the green power supply is carried out by a portfolio management which is certified according to TÜV SÜD CMS Standard 92. This guarantees a reliable and traceable procurement, balancing and delivery of electrical energy from renewable sources. This improves the life cycle analysis of ThermHex honeycomb cores even more.

The honeycomb cores are produced in a highly automated and patented production process. This process is continuous and therefore already very resource-saving. Also the edge section that is created during production is immediately recycled and returned to production.

Especially for the automotive and transport industry ThermHex honeycomb cores are an optimal solution to save weight and resources. With its environmentally friendly portfolio the company supports its customers in achieving the CO2-neutrality targets laid down in the law. The honeycomb cores are replacing more and more monolithic components and thus reduce the weight of the vehicles. Less weight means less CO2 emissions.

The green “OK-Power seal of approval” delights not only OEM’s and TIER 1 suppliers but also customers from other industries like swimming pool, prefabricated bathroom and furniture construction and others.

Because environmental protection concerns everyone. It starts with ThermHex honeycomb cores.

200709 Eco-power certificate-ThermHex