Jobwise, ThermHex is the best thing that could have happened to me.

I am Basti and joined ThermHex in March 2010. So I’m the one who has been working here the longest. I am the “oldie” of the company. In the last ten years we have mastered all the challenges: from the first prototype plant to the almost fully automated production. We are constantly developing and improving our products and the unique production process.

Today, our honeycomb cores can be used for many applications and are in demand all over the world.

I myself was also able to grow with the corporate development.

At the time I started as an operator, was a shift manager for many years and recently became responsible for control, programming and the automation of the production process in the area of ​​plant engineering. Probably I have the longest job title within the company. In my signature it says: Plant engineering, control unit, programming, digitization. If you ask me, if I would like to drive Industry 4.0 forward together with a great team of employees? My answer is: I can’t imagine anything better.