“If we continue along our course, we could soon be the market leader.”

Hello, I’m Johann and the youngstar of the company (I am the youngest in terms of age). As a machine and system operator at ThermHex, I am responsible for ensuring that the production system runs smoothly. The maintenance and repair of the system also falls within my area of responsibility and if the honeycomb cores are sent, I also provide support for shipping and loading. What I like about ThermHex are the good working conditions and the relaxed working atmosphere – not only in a group of colleagues, but also in a mutual exchange with the management. I am also lucky to work close to where I live. I have been with ThermHex since 2015. Since then, our production process has continued to evolve – the proportion of rejects produced (e.g. edge sections when cutting the panel to the required size), for example, has been significantly reduced. This is not necessarily a milestone since it is immediately recycled and returned to the production process. But it shows that we optimize at every nook and corner. Our honeycomb cores are very lightweight, versatile and easy to process. We are well on the way to becoming the market leader in the production of honeycomb cores. And good quarterly figures are also worthwhile for us employees.