ThermHex Waben, producer of honeycomb cores for economic sandwich panels and parts, is celebrating with Brixtone the completion of wall panels for the 400th commercial van.

Polish company Brixtone, specialists in production of composite sandwich panels are now providing CARGOPAN wall panels which rival the leading industry manufacturers. CARGOPAN uses ThermHex polypropylene honeycomb panels with a skin to create the perfect material for walls of commercial vehicles, for many van manufacturers, including Renault and Iveco.

With triple the life-span of anything else on the market, as it is stronger and more robust due to the unique material and honeycomb shape, CARGOPAN is more resistant to damage in case of collision, and more protective of passengers and cargo. Other key properties of CARGOPAN are being more waterproof and it is more stable and rigid due to the honeycomb structure.

Paweł Faszcza of Brixtone said: “We have had such success with CARGOPAN due to the durability, rigidity and waterproofing – it moves the world of wall panels for commercial vans up a league. It stands out because it is such a unique product which uses world class technology.”

ThermHex’s polypropylene (PP) honeycomb cores are used wherever high-quality products with an optimum strength to weight ratio are required. This includes automotive, boat, yacht, and shipbuilding, interior and furniture, building and construction, and wind and solar energy, swimming pools and prefabricated bathrooms.

ThermHex Waben uses green power for the production of its honeycomb cores as the electricity comes from renewable sources. The processing and monitoring of the green power supply is certified according to TÜV SÜD CMS Standard 92. This guarantees a reliable and traceable procurement, balancing and delivery of electrical energy from renewable sources.

ThermHex Waben GmbH started its production in 2010 and is a licensee of EconCore NV (Belgium), the technology leader for cost-efficient sandwich material production technologies.