24 04, 2018

Record year: ThermHex continues to grow

2020-04-03T09:09:59+01:00 April 24th, 2018|

In the past 2017/18 fiscal year, ThermHex Waben GmbH achieved the highest sales of its polypropylene honeycomb cores in the company’s almost ten-year history. The volume increased by about 18 percent. This results in a growth in sales of more than 20 percent compared to the previous fiscal year. The reason for the high growth [...]

22 03, 2018

JEC World 2018: Huge interest in ThermHex Organosandwich

2020-04-03T09:09:13+01:00 March 22nd, 2018|

Two weeks ago ThermHex Waben GmbH exhibited at the JEC World in Paris. At the world’s largest business exhibition for composites, the honeycomb core specialist presented its new Organosandwich as well as other product variations. Huge interest in the Organosandwich More than 40,000 visitors were at the JEC World 2018 and many of them also [...]

21 06, 2017

ThermHex invites students to the “Innovation Summer School” in September

2020-06-23T09:06:44+01:00 June 21st, 2017|

For the first time ThermHex Waben GmbH invites students, with interest in new materials and enthusiasm for pioneering business models, to participate in its Innovation Summer School “Geist 21”. From September 24th to 29th, the participants will get deep insights in the future-oriented business field of lightweight sandwich materials and polypropylene honeycomb cores. For the [...]

26 04, 2017

ThermHex participates in „igeL Sample Case”

2020-04-03T08:47:05+01:00 April 26th, 2017|

ThermHex as a member of the German “Lightweight Construction Association” (igeL) contributes two honeycomb core samples for the igeL teaching case. The igeL working group “Information and Further Education” introduced the case at the 4th Lightweight Symposium on March 30. The revised case contains 35 samples of modern lightweight materials; two of them are contributed [...]

12 04, 2017

Sales Record 2016-2017: ThermHex Success continues

2020-04-03T08:45:06+01:00 April 12th, 2017|

In the past fiscal year 2016/2017, ThermHex Waben GmbH generated the highest production and sales volume in its eight-year history. The company based in Halle (Saale), central Germany, increased sales of its polypropylene honeycomb cores by 15 percent compared to the previous year. "The steady and positive trend of the ThermHex development is a confirmation [...]

14 03, 2017

Honeycomb core range broadened with 4 mm cell size in 5 mm and 6 mm thickness

2020-09-17T07:22:57+01:00 March 14th, 2017|

Quelle: CCeV magazin, 4/2016 ThermHex Waben’s polypropylene honeycomb cores offer today a reduction of costs and weight to a wide variety of applications such as truck and trailer bodies, in caravan industry or manufacturing of prefabricated bathrooms, shower tubs and swimming pools. Different to the traditional manufacturing of thermoplastic honeycomb cores in dis-continuous production processes [...]

18 04, 2016

Joint research project of ThermHex and the Fraunhofer Institute

2020-03-31T14:00:29+01:00 April 18th, 2016|

ThermHex and the Fraunhofer Institute for Microstructure of Materials and Systems (IMWS) Work together on a research project. The focus is on developing suitable for series production and processing methods for organic sheet sandwich semifinished products. It is supported by the EU within the framework of the EFRE-Program. With this project, ThermHex once again emphasizes [...]

25 02, 2015

ThermHex honeycomb core in 45kg / m³

2020-06-26T07:27:56+01:00 February 25th, 2015|

The latest development of ThermHex Waben GmbH is the honeycomb core with a density of 45 kg / m³. This super-light and particularly cost-effective variant of the ThermHex honeycomb core is available for all core thicknesses from 12mm and is particularly suitable for non-load-bearing lightweight parts. Furthermore, our cores are now also available in all [...]

1 01, 2014

One step closer to mass production of lightweight materials

2020-03-31T13:57:44+01:00 January 1st, 2014|

New process reduces production costs when building sandwich panels In the past, the production of sandwich materials with a honeycomb core was complex and expensive. Today, the light and resistant fiber composites can be manufactured inexpensively and thus in an environmentally friendly manner for suppliers to the aerospace or automotive industries - in just one [...]

20 06, 2013

German Lloyd certification for ThermHex honeycomb cores

2020-03-31T13:56:08+01:00 June 20th, 2013|

The polypropylene honeycomb cores manufactured by ThermHex Waben GmbH received their certification according to the guidelines of the Germanisch Lloyd. ThermHex honeycomb cores are used in boat construction in a variety of applications, such as flooring, wall cladding, furniture construction for kitchen worktops, bathroom installations and many more. The ship classification of Germanische Lloyd (GL) [...]